George Anders

What people are saying

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— Frederick Lawrence, CEO of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society and former president of Brandeis University. 

"A compelling and decisive answer to the recurring question, 'What is the value proposition of a liberal arts education?' Students should have this book in their backpack or on their iPads. So should their parents, teachers, and our policy-makers."

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— Laszlo Bock, CEO and co-founder of HuMu, author of WORK RULES! and the former senior vice president for people operations at  Google Inc.

""Anders's latest book is a must-read for liberal arts students and grads. Packed with relatable stories and role models, it not only inspires you with stories about what liberal arts grads have done with their educations, but also gives you a clear map to find your own path in the world."
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— Katherine Brooks,  executive director of career services at Vanderbilt University and author of  YOU MAJORED IN WHAT?

"George Anders, in his thoughtful new book You Can Do Anything,  demonstrates over and over why employers should seek out these unique thinkers. An interesting read and valuable for any liberal arts graduate or recruiter!"

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