George Anders

What people are saying

— Adam Grant, Professor of Management, University of Pennsylvania/Wharton; author of ORIGINAL and GIVE AND TAKE

"Utterly fascinating and massively important. George Anders peers into his signature crystal ball, and paints a portrait of the future of work that's as compelling as it is provocative. I can't wait to tell everyone I know to drop what they're doing and read this book."

— Julia Lythcott-Haims, author of HOW TO RAISE AN ADULT and former Dean of Freshmen at Stanford University

"George Anders may be the best thing that's happened to the humanities since the dawn of the modern university.  Bravo to Anders - promises to be a game-changer. I predict tens of thousands of young adults will tell skeptical parents, 'read Anders.'"

— Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of DRIVE and A WHOLE NEW MIND

"YOU CAN DO ANYTHING will inspire a new generation to greater heights, while delivering a much-needed wake-up call to campus leaders and employers who have been squandering talent for too long. I can't wait to see it in print."

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